Thursday, December 17, 2009

Title Contest Submissions

Recently we sent out a call for stories and a contest to name our new series about the secret life of girls around the world, girls and the women they become. So far we have received hundreds of title submissions and we wanted to share some of them. Here is The List:

The Permanent Rose Project
Our Stories, Our Truth
Our Shared and Common Destiny
Hear Our Voices
Listen, Over Here
Over Here
Congratulations, it's a girl! (Or just: It's a girl!)
Spinning Straw into Gold (Or just: Straw into Gold)
And Jill came tumbling after
Let the girl do it
That's what girls do
The Shape of a Women
Sister Songs
Sister Secrets
unrealistic expectations
the girl nextdoor
Secret Spaces
The Secret Lives of Babes
The women they became
Sister's Garden
Dolls, Damsels and Darlings: a journey to becoming a woman.
The Unsilencing of Girl Voices
Girls To Women
Who Are Girls
Spotlight On Girls
The Story of Girls
Girl Time
Girls Ave
Time for Girls
Ladies First
In their Words: girls and the women they've become
In our words
From Our Worlds, In Our Words
Wise Word
High Heels to Bare Feet or (Foot) Chronicles
Bare Feet or (Foot) to High Heels Chronicles
Shattered Ceilings or The Shattered Ceiling(s) Stories
This is My Story
Mountain High Valley Low
Girl Meets
World Meets Girl
The Global Diaries
The Chatter Bible
Girls Spill
Storied Endings
The Reflective Raconteur
All Ears Storytelling
Every Girl Has a Story
Global Gossip
Now Hear This
Storytelling Unleashed
Tracking the Truth
Operation Story
Tracking the Truth
Global Reflections
Every Life Tells/Has a Story
Daisy Chains
The Forget-me-knot Chronicles
Our Stories, Ourselves
She, the People
Ophelia's Tales
Ophelia's Dreams
Ophelia's Secrets
Wendy's Neverland
The Bridge to Neverland
Purple Nightshade Diaries
Under the Purple Nightshade
Cherry Pits
Cherries: Pits and Blossoms
Sugar and Spice
Silent Keepers
Ain't I a Woman
All about Eve
Just like a Woman
Hear her Sing
Her Secret Story
The Jill Project
In Her Words
Fertile Voices
Tracing Emily
The Amiga Project
Inheriting the secrets of women's lives
The inheritance of women's secret lives
The secret inheritance of women's lives
Heirlooms of stories by women and girls
The secret heirlooms of our fair sex (sexist context?)
The secret inheritance of fair young maidens (sexist context?)
Heirlooms of women's secret lives
Hidden heirlooms of women's lives
Heirlooms of Secret Lives:
Heirlooms of women and girls, Lost and Found
Secret heirlooms lost and found: revelations of women and girls
Buried heirlooms of women and girls: found throughout the world
Buried heirlooms unearthed by women and girls around the world
More and more
Beneath the Veil
Turn the Stone
Beneath the Stone
Hearing Athena
The Quiet & Wild Roads of Girls
Becoming Ourselves: Stories of Trailblazing Ladies
Growing Inside Out
Secrets Out Loud
The Life & Times of Girl Dreams
Limelight Moments
Girl Stories
Growing Up a Girl
Grown-up Girl Stories
The Dreams of Ladies
Trails We Blaze
Blazing Girls
What girls have to say
Boys Drool and Girls Rule
Go Girls
Queen for a day
Great yarns
The Complexity of Girls
Don't Know Much About Her-story
The Double X Files
The XX Files
The XX Project
XX no Ys
XX World
Table Fables
Table Talk
Chewing the Fat
Table Tales
Tales from the Table
From Tale to Table
The Daily Bread
New Wives Tales
Girl Talk
Brown Bag Talk
Women Catching Fire
Women Stir the Pots
Wise Maria’s Kitchen Tales
Shall We Gather in the Kitchen?
Cooking Up Her Story
Kitchen Wisdom
Stirring Up Stories
Women’s Kitchens, Women’s Lives
Growing Up in the Kitchen
In Memory’s Kitchen
Stories from the Soul Kitchen
Rattling Our Pots and Pans
Recipes for Memory
Speaking from the Hearth
Hidden Women
Girls in the Mist
The Two Muses
The Muse Project
The Calliope Chronicles
The Hidden Life of Girls
Not So Tall Tales
Short Tales
Girl Tales
The Girl Chronicles
Girl Talk
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something You
She said/She said
Speak for Yourself
Sister Speak
True Fables
True Tales
What You Said
I Have No Country
My Country
Untold Story Inside
Gadiola Light
Sprung From Memory
Her Voice
Thy Name is Woman
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Vox
All About Eve
Just Like a Woman
Hear Her Song
Her Secret Story
The Jill Project
In Her Words
Fertile Voices
Tracing Emily
The Amiga Project
True North
Period Piece
Girls Undone
The Girls Network
Being a Girl
The Sister Next Door
Girl Culture
Who's That Girl?
On Becoming Women
Finding Her Voice
This One's for the Girl
Girls World
Girl Life
Let's Hear it for the Girl
Girls, Girls, Girls
Just Like a Woman
1001 Kitchen Secrets
Stories Rising
Cook Until Tender
Voices from the Kitchen
Kitchen Voices
Secret Servings
The Story Feast
The Story Banquet
Steeped in Story (Stories)
The Kitchen Table Project
1001 Ways to Cook a Secret
Sisters at the Table
Feast of Secrets
Story Sisters
Story Sirens
Scheherazade Tells All
Every Daughter Has (or Tells) a Story
Mother Tongue
The Global Muse
Project Muse
Sister to Sister
Secret Sisters
Sisters of Secrets
The Secret Lives of Global Girls
The Secret Truths of Global Girls
My Name is Scheherazade
What She Said
Girls Gone Candid
Real Girls to Real Women
Girls Just Wanna Grow Up
I Enjoy Being a Girl
Evolution--from Girl to Woman in Non-Easy Steps
Becoming Real--Girls Grow Up
More than Lipgloss--What It Means to Become a Woman in the Twenty-First Century
Womanhood Defined--Girls Coming of Age
The Unveiling Project
The Blossom Project
Amelia's Secret
Life on Venus
Womanhood Confidential
she will tell you: stories from girls & women around the world
Women Underground
A Girl’s Story
Women of Influence
She, Me, Her
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Women: Lost & Found
Secrets and Lives: The Incredible True Stories of Women and Girls
The Lost Girls: True Stories of Hidden Heroines and Everyday Warriors
The Secret Society of Hidden Heroines
Forgotten Girls Found
The World Girls Club: The Secret Society of Hidden Heroines and Underground Rituals

Thank you to the following for their submissions: Deborah Pardes, Marsha Weiner, Eve Epstein, David Wilson Burnham, Kate Jessup, Mina Kim, Sara Blumenstein, Eliza Hotchkiss, Venus Brown, Kate Blood, Chris Altwegg, Michelle Ito, Jolene Ketzenberger, Mika Gans, Malaika Horne, Catherine Gund, Sasha Vasilyuk, Brooke Miller, Carla Eckels, Catherine Price, Mark Bell, Sheryl Kraft, Jan Bell, Emelie Gunnison, Liza Mock, Andi McDaniel, Summer Brenner, Julie Bien, Judy O'Shea, Amy Tan, Bettina Birch, Rachel Vandagriff, Catherine Dauer, Lisa Busch, Laurie Fabiano, Catherine Pantsios, Chris Strachwitz, Henry Cordova, Mark Bell, Larry Corwin, Jenny Tonks, Jennifer Morla, Tracy Alverson Euler, Ahri Golden, Catherine Stifter, Susan Freinkel, Allison Barlett, Denise Emanuel Clemen, Carolyn Krause, Karen H. Phillips, Catherine Haley Epstein, Mae Maracek, Robert Seibert, Eloise Melzer, Rae Umsted

If you have a title idea you would like to submit, send it to kitchen [at]

The Futurist Cookbook

A new Hidden Kitchens story airs tonight on KALW 91.7 in San Francisco at 5:00 during Crosscurrents. You can listen live online at

The story, produced with Roman Mars takes a look at F.T. Marinetti's Futurist Cookbook, first published in 1932, and how a group of contemporary chefs and artists are realigning "the movement's arguably fascist palate with a more sustainable approach to life."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Los Angeles Times Feature

The Kitchen Sisters were featured in the Los Angeles Times Food Section. Take a look here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Help Support The Kitchen Sisters

"People need stories in hard times. They go to storytellers when times are hard like these." - Bruce Springsteen

Dear Friends,

We've always said our microphone is a stethoscope listening to the complicated heart of the nation. Recently, we sent out a call for stories to our email list for our upcoming NPR series about girls and the women they become, and the stories started pouring in:
“I received your email about your new series about girls around the world…who doesn’t have a story to be told? Take my Aunt Sally for example..." “My friend Shakundala is a painter of women. Most of the women she paints are prostitutes in India…” “You need to go to the all-female firehouse inside the California Women’s Prison and talk to the inmate/firefighters…” “I've passed this call on to our 14 year old daughter. Thank you for making this series for her, for all of us.” “My 3 sisters and I each adopted girls from Haiti and have developed a new family with the 22 girls that are their orphanage sisters. We invite you to Haiti to document these girls yourselves…”
Our new NPR series goes on air in March 2010 in honor of the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day. We'll be opening up an NPR Phone Line on Morning Edition this January inviting listeners to call in with more stories and ideas.

Donate now to support our new international multimedia collaboration that will be heard by millions.

Your donation will directly support our work for the next year: creating on-air and online stories about women and girls around the world; developing a new series of international stories for Hidden Kitchens World; developing WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts, the Broadway musical; producing the Cabrillo Music Festival multimedia project based on our women and girls series; teaching audio workshops (over 100 people took part last year) and mentoring young interns and emerging producers.

We are independent producers, not on NPR's payroll. No doubt you have heard of the steep cutbacks and layoffs at NPR. It is even harder to make it as an independent in these tight times. When our community supports us, granting agencies and corporations are far more likely to give significant funds to make our work possible.

In a world that needs education, health care, housing, good food, justice and peace, it's hard to come asking for money for storytelling. But storytelling has the transformative power to illuminate and address serious issues in ways that seep into the soul, that find the common threads of our humanity, that stir people to action. That is our mission, and what we can accomplish with your support.

No amount is too big. No amount is too small. Your donation is tax-deductible.
Thank you for supporting our efforts to chronicle little-known stories of our community, culture and history—stories filled with possibility. Think of all we can do together in the coming year.

We thank you for being part of The Kitchen Sisterhood.


Davia & Nikki
The Kitchen Sisters

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