Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Notes from The Kitchen Sisterhood

Dear Friends,

Here are some projects and endeavors that have caught our attention and we want to pass along.

Keep it rolling,

The Kitchen Sisters

Archives we're trolling
Prelinger Library: Outsider librarians, Rick & Megan Prelinger have a mission to convene community around a collection. It is a free offering, an installation, a workshop, an extension of their living room, that seeks to foster discovery and serendipity and to experiment with new forms of access to information.

Southern Folklife Collection & Center for the Study of the American South, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Books/Articles we're reading
Hawaiian Son: The Life and Music of Eddie Kamae by James Houston

Hillbilly Music: Source and Symbol by Archie Green

West of the West: Dreamers, Believers, Builders and Killers in the Golden State by Mark Arax

The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky. A portrait of American food--before the national highway system, before chain restaurants and before frozen food, when the nation's food was seasonal, regional, and traditional--from the lost WPA files.

Mark Danner's articles on torture in The New York Review of Books and The Washington Post

Hidden Kitchens Texas by The Kitchen Sisters
Manifestos & Presentations
Peter Sellars: Art in the Age of Obama

Forage Oakland

The Eat-In Manifesto
Movies we're watching
The Garden. The story of the 14-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles, started as a form of healing after the 1992 LA riots. An urban farm in one of the country's most blighted neighborhoods. The film chroncles the fight to save this 14-acre community oasis from development.

Ferlinghetti. A documentary portrait of poet and City Lights co-founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

A Woman Under the Influence by John Cassavetes. A newly restored print by the Film Foundation and UCLA has just been completed.

Crude. A new documentary about the shifting course of a lawsuit by 30,000 Ecuadoreans against Chevron over contaminated waters of the Amazon.
Music on our turntable
The Burka Band. We are chronicling this story for our upcoming series exploring the secret life of girls around the world.

Chicano Zen by Charanga Cakewalk
May 8 - The Kitchen Sisters at the Food Matters series of Interdisciplinary Humanitaries Center at UC Santa Barbara. 4 PM.

May 12 - "Who Glues Your Community Together Through Food?" A Night of California Hidden Kitchens. The Kitchen Sisters and guests at the California Endowment in Downtown LA, including food from Homegirl Cafe, Let's Be Frank hot dog cart, and the Kogi Korean BBQ truck. RSVP here.
The Kitchen Sisters Manifesto: We are a non-profit, independent, public radio collaboration dedicated to creating documentaries that chronicle the untold stories of American culture and tradition, to keeping the nation's airwaves vibrant, imaginative and accessible, and to training young people and others with a passion to be involved in public radio.. You can help support our work with a tax-deductible contribution:

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